How to hack a node app?

FEB 10, 12:40 Pink RoomEN

This isn't a dry security talk where I explain how an XSS attack works with a "fake" intentionally vulnerable app. This is about REAL hacks from REAL life. This is the Japanese horror movie of security talks, my aim is to wake you up with hacking horror stories and inspire you to go away and learn more. Even though I have given versions of this talk before it continually evolves based on recent/popular hacks so it's always fresh, e.g. now this talk contains information about the large Equifax hack from a few months ago. By the time Rolling Scopes comes along it will contain information about public hacks in the new year (as long as those hacks would be interesting to the audience). The talk will contain sections specific to Node but will touch other languages/frameworks as well. A Node app sits at the top of a large stack of software written in many languages.


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Asim Hussain

London, United Kingdom

I'm a developer, trainer, author and speaker with over 16 years experience working for organisations such as the European Space Agency, Google and now Microsoft, where I am a Senior Cloud Developer Advocate.

Twitter: @jawache