Beyond React

FEB 10, 15:40 Blue Room EN

I'd like to show tools for building such applications:

and explain why it's impossible with React.

So talk would contain of mistakes in React architecture and second part would be about more efficient but not well advertised yet technology.

I'm React early adopter. I've built with big success first React single page app 3 years ago, also recently participated in React Native project for bank.


Marek Piasecki photo

Marek Piasecki

Poznan, Poland

Freelance Full Stack Senior Polyglot Developer. (Currently) Rome, Italy

I do web technologies since 2000. I worked for successful startups, huge corporations, banks and government organisations. Travelling a lot and visiting conferences. Single page applications I do for 5 years already (React 3 years).

My message is - world is deterministic, people are good, there is no time.

Twitter: @mad_maniak